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Coventry - United Kingdom

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Hi I am Nigel Fenton the owner of artificiallyreal a Design and Photography business based in the wonderful city of Coventry, England.

I still get the same buzz as the first day I walked on to a printing press floor with that unique smell of newly printed paper. A lot has changed since then in how we achieve what we are creating in our design in both the process and in the final medium that design will finish on, be it the traditional paper or the latest digital tablet.

Having worked for some of the largest printing companies within the Coventry area I have produced work for many of the country’s largest brands. These have ranged from car manufacturers like Peugeot and Rover-MG to Rolls Royce in the aviation industry and specialised cattle breeders such as Charolais, Limousine and Blonde.

Today I run my own design company artificiallyreal, which I set up in 2003. One of the nice things that has developed over the years as technology has changed it has allowed me to bring my other passion photography into this creative process. You can check out this side of what I do at
Feel free to get in touch with us about a design or photographic project that we can help you with.

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